Tuesday, July 20, 2010

laptop data recovery

We provide specialized Laptop Recovery Services to recover data from crashed laptops. Our specialists have the experience, in-depth knowledge, and experience necessary to get your data back from crashed laptops.

We provide Solutions to recover data from crashed whether your laptop has been damaged due to mechanical failures, deleted files and partitions, reformatting, overwriting, software malfunction, viruses, or fire and water damage, clicking laptops etc..

Feel Free to Contact Us in situations where the laptop has been physically damaged. We provide Laptop Recovery services and perform data recovery from all manufacturers of notebooks and laptop hard drives, including IBM, Toshiba, HP, Sony, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Maxtor and many others.

Our Specialized Data Recovery Engineers allow us to recover laptop hard disks that our competitors have found "unrecoverable".We provide Laptop Recovery Service to recover data from crashed Laptops crashed due to:

Physical damage to the USB Drive due to water, electricity and fire etc.
Failure in back up
User error such as accidental deletion
Improper System Shutdown.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

free Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2010

The Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool application was designed to be another virus scanner and detection software from Kaspersky. The produst will scan the specified locations for any virus threats and remove them or send to Quarantine folder.

free Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
download now

hp printer driver

hewlett packard printer driver: you may regularly download the latest printer driver versions on this site. We advise you to keep these downloaded drivers on a CD. HP usually update their printer drivers on a regular basis so it would be wise to upgrade your drivers as often as possible.

Brother ® : A complete selection of Brother ® printer drivers.

Canon ® : A complete selection of Canon laser and inkjet printer drivers.

Epson ® : For all versions of Epson ® printers.

IBM ® : Official site to download the latest versions of IBM ® printer drivers.

Hewlett Packard ®
: Official site to download the latest versions of H.P ® printer drivers

KYOCERA ® : New Kyocera driver on the net

Lexmark ® : Official site to download the latest versions of Lexmark printer drivers.

Olivetti ® : Official site to download the latest versions of Olivetti.

Texas Intruments ® : TI printer drivers

Xerox ® : drivers for The document company

How to Remove print protection from restricted PDF Files

Freeware PDF Unlocker is a free program which helps to remove restrictions from a read only PDF file. After removing the restrictions user will be able to print, edit and copy the PDF file. No need to give the password to unlock file.

After downloading and installing the software from the link given at the end of this article a shortcut will be created on the desktop.

Now just drag and drop the PDF file which is restricted on the PDF unlocker desktop shortcut. After you drop the file on it a new file will be created with the same filename and _noPW at the end of file name.

The software is very simple to use. It will work only if you have read permissions of the file. If the file requires password to open it then the software will not work. Just tested it on a PDF file and it worked like a charm. Give it a try if you are looking to remove restrictions from any PDF file. Here is the download link:

Download Freeware PDF unlocker (MediaFire Link) (6 MB)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bluetooth And Apple

The new Apple powerbook G4 are among the first
computers to offer Bluetooth technology 2.0+EDR.
The 2.0+EDR technology, which still backwards
compatible with 1.0, is up to three times faster
than previous versions, offering maximum data rate
transfers of up to 3 MBps. Being the first company
to certify a system with 2.0+EDR, Apple continues
to make great use of the Bluetooth technology.

Full support
In addition to the powerbook G4 portables, there
are other Bluetooth enabled computers available
from Apple, including the iBook, iMac G5, eMac,
and the Power Mac G5.

Making life easier
When you turn the Bluetooth feature on, your Mac
can easily perform a file transfer or even a
synchronization. From the Bluetooth selection
menu, you can choose to either send a file or
browse devices, quickly and easily. Or, you can
click the sync button in iSync to update your
cell phone or Palm OS handheld.

The Mac and GSM/GPRS mobile phone with Bluetooth
work to make each other more useful. By using
iSync, you can keep your phone updated without
having to type any info, as you can keep the
information in the more manageable address book
on your Mac instead.

You can also use your Bluetooth enabled Mac to
print documents and digital images to select a
printer that also supports the technology of
Bluetooth. Or, you can also use a headset to
talk to your friends during an iChat session.

Your Mac also has the ability to use Bluetooth
technology to communicate with your Palm OS
handheld. This way, you can perform a HotSync
operation without using any cables. You can also
send your business card or calendar events directly
to someone else's handheld usingthe technology of

The implementation of Bluetooth by Apple is the
latest in a series of moves that have caused
great shift in the computer industry. Apple
established USB as the standard interface with
the launching of the first Mac back in 1998.

Since then, Apple established the 802.11 wireless
standard of networking with the launch of the
iBook and AirPort in 1999. During 2003, Apple
launched AirPort Extreme, which was based on
the new 802.11g high speed technology of wireless.

Now, Bluetooth helps to further strengthen the
dominant position of the Mac in wireless
communications, helping to preserve Apple's
reputation for being the first to market with
innovative technology that integrates right into
the operating system.

Bluetooth Technical Operations

Bluetooth is a high speed, low powered wireless link
technology that's designed to connect phones or other
portable equipment together with little to no work
required by the user. Unlike infrared, Bluetooth
doesn't require line of site positioning to work.

Current prototype circuits are contained on a board
that is 0.9 cm square, with a much smaller circuit
board being developed.

When one Bluetooth device comes in contact with
another, they will automatically exchange addresses
and details of capability. Then, they can establish
a 1 MB link with security that they will use as
required. The protocols involved with handle both
data and voice, with a very flexible topography.

The technology achieves its goal by embedding tiny,
non expensive short range tranceivers into the
devices available today. The radio operates on the
2.45 GHz frequency band, and supports up to 721
KBps, along with three voice channels.

Each devices offers a unique 48 bit address from
the IEEE 802 standard, with the connections being
point to point or multipoint. The max range is
10 meters, although it can be extended to 100
meters by increasing the power. The devices are
also protected from radio interference by changing
their frequencies, also known as frequency hopping.

What's important, is the fact that Bluetooth
devices won't drain battery life. The specification
targets power consumption of the device, limiting
the drain on the battery. The radio chip will
consume only 0.3mA in stand by mode, which is less
than 5% of the power that standard phones use.

Bluetooth will also guarantee security at the bit
level. The authentification is controlled by the
user via a 128 bit key. The radio signals can
be coded with anything up to 128 bit. With the
frequency hopping, Bluetooth is already very
hard to listen into.

The baseband protocol is a combination of both
circuit and packet switches. Slots can be reserved
for synchronous packets as well. Each packet
will be transmitted in a different hop frequency.
Normally, a packet covers a single slot although
it can be extended to cover up to five slots.

Bluetooth can also support data channels of up to
three simultaneous voice channels. Therefore,
it's possible to transfer the data while you talk
at the same time. Each individual voice channel
will support 64 KB.

From a technical standpoint, Bluetooth is very
different indeed. It's the best wireless method
in the world, surpassing even infrared. For
communication on the go, Bluetooth is indeed
very hard to compete with.

bluetooth headset Advantages And Disadvantages

Bluetooth has a lot to offer with an increasingly
difficult market place. Bluetooth helps to bring
with it the promise of freedom from the cables and
simplicity in networking that has yet to be matched
by LAN (Local Area Network).

In the key marketplace, of wireless and handheld
devices, the closest competitor to Bluetooth is
infrared. Infrared holds many key features,
although the line of sight it provides doesn't go
through walls or through obstacles like that of the
Bluetooth technology.

Unlike infrared, Bluetooth isn't a line of sight and
it provides ranges of up to 100 meters. Bluetooth
is also low power and low processing with an
overhead protocol. What this means, is that it's
ideal for integration into small battery powered
devices. To put it short, the applications with
Bluetooth are virtually endless.

Bluetooth has several positive features and one
would be extremely hard pressed to find downsides
when given the current competition. The only real
downsides are the data rate and security. Infrared
can have data rates of up to 4 MBps, which provides
very fast rates for data transfer, while Bluetooth
only offers 1 MBps.

For this very reason, infrared has yet to be
dispensed with completely and is considered by
many to be the complimentary technology to that
of Bluetooth. Infrared has inherent security due
to its line of sight.

The greater range and radio frequency (RF) of
Bluetooth make it much more open to interception and
attack. For this reason, security is a very key
aspect to the Bluetooth specification.

Although there are very few disadvantages, Bluetooth
still remains the best for short range wireless
technology. Those who have tried it love it, and
they know for a fact that Bluetooth will be
around for years to come.

reasons to use Bluetooth technology.

1. Wireless
As you probably already know, there are many benefits
and advantages to using wireless devices. Along with
improving safety as a result of eliminating wires
you don't need, wireless also offers you plenty of
other advantages. When traveling with your laptop
or other wireless devices, you'll no longer have to
worry about bringing connection cables.

2. Bluetooth is actually inexpensive
The technology of Bluetooth is cheap for companies
to implement, which results in lower costs for the
company. These savings are then passed from the
company on to you.

3. Bluetooth is automatic
Bluetooth doesn't have you set up a connection or
push any buttons. When two or more devices enter
a range of up to 30 feet of each other, they will
automatically begin to communicate without you
having to do anything.

4. Standardized protocol
Bluetooth is standardized wireless, meaning that
a high level of compatibility among devices is
guaranteed. Bluetooth will connect devices to
each other, even if they aren't the same model.

5. Low interference
Bluetooth devices almost always avoid interference
from other wireless devices. Bluetooth uses a
technique known as frequency hopping, and also
low power wireless signals.

6. Low energy consumption
As a result of Bluetooth using low power signals,
the technology requires very little energy and will
use less battery or electrical power as a result.
This is an excellent benefit for mobile devices,
as Bluetooth won't drain the battery.

7. Sharing voice and data
The standard for Bluetooth will allow compatible
devices to share data and voice communications.
This is great for mobile phones and headsets, as
Bluetooth simplifies driving and talking on your
cell phone.

8. Instant PAN (Personal Area Network)
You can connect up to seven Bluetooth devices to
each other within a range of up to 30 feet, forming
a piconet or PAN. For a single room, you can
also set up multiple piconets.

9. Upgradeable
Upgradeable is the standard for Bluetooth. There
are newer versions of Bluetooth in the works,
which offer many new advantages and backward
compatible with older versions.

10. The technology stays
Bluetooth technology is a world wide, universal
wireless standard. With it being as popular as
it is, you can count on it being around for years
to come. As more and more devices start to use
Bluetooth technology, more manufacturers will be
eager to make their products compatible. A chain
reaction will occur, making Bluetooth the standard
for cutting edge wireless.

How Bluetooth Works

Bluetooth devices will normally operate at 2.4 GHZ
in the license free, globally available ISM radio
band. The advantage to this band includes worldwide
availability and compatibility. A disadvantage to
this however, is that the devices must share this
band with other RF emitters. This includes
automobile security systems, other wireless devices,
and other noise sources, such as microwaves.

To overcome this challenge, Bluetooth employs a
fast frequency hopping scheme and therefore uses
shorter packets than other standards within the
ISM band. This scheme helps to make Bluetooth
communication more robust and more secure.

Frequency hopping
Frequency hopping is basically jumping from frequency
to frequency within the ISM radio band. After a
bluetooth device sends or receives a packet, it
and the device (or devices) it's communicating with
hop to another frequency before the next packet is
sent. This scheme offers three advantages:
1. Allows Bluetooth devices to use the
entirety of the available ISM band, while never
transmitting from a fixed frequency for more than a
short period of time. This helps insure that
Bluetooth conforms to the ISM restrictions on the
transmission quantity per frequency.
2. Ensures that any interference won't
last long. Any packet that doesn't arrive safely
to its destination can be resent to the next
3. Provides a base level of security as
it's very hard for an eavesdropping device to predict
which frequency the Bluetooth devices will use

The connected devices however, must agree upon the
frequency they will use next. The specification
in Bluetooth ensures this in two ways. First, it
defines a master and slave type relationship between
bluetooth devices. Next, it specifies an algorithm
that uses device specific information when
calculating the frequency hop sequences.

A Bluetooth device that operates in master mode can
communicate with up to seven devices that are set in
slave mode. To each of the slaves, the master
Bluetooth device will send its own unique address
and the value of its own internal clock. The
information sent is then used to calculate the
frequency hop sequences.

Because the master device and each of the slave
devices use the same algorithm with the same initial
input, the connected devices will always arrive
together at the next frequency that they have agreed

As a replacement for cable technology, it's no
wonder that Bluetooth devices are usually battery
powered, such as wireless mice and battery powered
cell phones. To conserve the power, most devices
operate in low power. This helps to give Bluetooth
devices a range of around 5 - 10 meters.

This range is far enough for wireless communication
but close enough to avoid drawing too much power
from the power source of the device.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

how to connect to xbox live through vista laptop

Step 1: Connect your Xbox 360 to the Laptop. To do this, use an ethernet cable that hooks the laptop into the back of the Xbox 360.

Step 2:Connect your laptop to the Internet. Go to Start Menu>>Connect To, then pick the Wireless Network you use to connect your laptop to the internet.

Step 3: Share The Internet Connection with the Xbox 360. Go to Start Menu>>Control Panel>>Network and Internet>>Network Sharing Center>>Manage Network Connections. You should now see at least two connection, the two important ones are: Wireless Network Connection, this is your connection to the internet, and Local Area Connection, this is your connection to the Xbox 360. At this point we can try a few things, first, simply try to select both of these connections, right click, and select bridge connections. This should bridge the internet connection to the Xbox 360. Run a test on your xbox 360 to see if it worked. If this didn't work, delete the bridge and we can try one more thing. Right Click Wireless Network Connection>>Properties>>Sharing. Now you should see two check boxes. Check both of them, and then select settings by the second check box. This should bring up a lot more check boxes under the services tab. Check all of them. Now, try running another test with your Xbox 360 to see if its connected to Xbox Live. If it still is not connected, go back to the manage network connections page. Press Tab>>Advanced>>Advanced Settings. You should now see a bunch of network stuff with green arrows on the right side. On the second box down you should see two sub categories, one will say Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) the second will say Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/Ipv4). Try switching their order with the green arrows. Now it will work if it is ever going to. Also, make sure your firewall and other security settings are off. To adjust them go to Start Menu>>Control Panel>>Security>>Security Center.

Step 4: Get Xbox Live Gold. If you want to play games online against other people, you are going to need Xbox Live Gold. Sign into a profile and press the Big "X" on your controller. Go to the Xbox Live Tab and do join xbox live. Most Xbox 360's come with a month free, if not, you can easily purchase a subscription card at local game stores. Or, simply use your credit card to order a subscription, your choice.

how to remove csrcs,exe

Whenever i boot my windows i used to get a message windows cannot find "csrcs.exe".....

Initially i used to ignore it assuming its some registry error.Later on it started annoying me and i got curious and i wanted to know what it is,so like every flock i googled it n i came to some of these-


It is a undescribed program that loads when the system boots(no one seems to know who created it).It is hidden and is able to monitor your system processes and can remotely transfer datas to external servers through lan or internet.It may even manipulate other programs and create a backup of it self in case it is identified and exterminated.

"This just means it is very dangerous"


Unfortunately google was unable to provide me with any real solutions(all the search results where like download csrcs.exe scanner and fix errors).
You will not find it among the startup program lists

So i took up it my hands and did it the manual hackers way(I'll be explaining to you how to remove it)

* START-RUN,type there regedit(this will open system registry)
* ctrl+F
* Write csrcs(search now)

It'll show you some results, you'll find there "csrcs.exe",just delete it immediately.

Its not over yet, again do the same search you may see "explorer.exe csrcs.exe" , left click then modify and remove the csrcs.exe part(leave the explorer.exe as it is)

There you go congrats you just removed csrcs.exe
Restart your system and see it for yourself
If the problem still persists write to me

Sunday, June 27, 2010

nod32 activation keys

NOD32 is also one of the most Trusted anti virus in the whole internet. Every one want to secure there business and there important documents and files. No one want to compromise on there business security.

NOD32 has powerful features, which can be helpful for depending business computer from viruses and torojans.
Key Features

FACT: Surfing the web and using email is a part of daily life.

FACT: Criminals capitalize on this to their advantage, flooding the Internet with over 100,000 new attacks every day, in an effort to steal your identity or turn your computer into a "zombie" to launch email spam and other Internet crimes.

FACT: Over 70 million users worldwide trust ESET to defend themselves from these attacks.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4 is the most effective protection you can find to combat today's huge volumes of Internet and email threats. It provides comprehensive antivirus and antispyware protection without affecting your computer's performance.

Using advanced ThreatSense® technology, ESET NOD32 Antivirus proactively protects you from new attacks, even during the critical first hours when other vendors' products aren't aware the attack even exists. ESET NOD32 Antivirus detects and disables both known and unknown viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware, rootkits and other Internet threats.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus is also one of the fastest antivirus solutions, so fast you won't even notice it running. And it's both incredibly easy to use yet simple to tailor for your specific needs.
Key Benefits

Protection from the Unknown — Award-winning ThreatSense technology uses multiple layers of threat detection to deliver the most effective protection possible against new attacks. And ThreatSense is smart; it raises far fewer annoying "false alarms" than any other products that use heuristics.

Finds Malware Other AV Companies Missed — Typically when a new copy of ESET NOD32 replaces another antivirus product on a home computer the average user finds viruses or malware resident on the machine that were undetected by their previous antivirus product.

Built for Speed — ESET NOD32 Antivirus is lightning fast, so fast you won't even notice it's there. Even disk-intensive operations like performing a "full disk scan" to run smoothly in the background while you work or play.

Easy on Your System — ESET NOD32 Antivirus is "lean and mean," typically using just 44 MB of memory, a fraction of what other products consume. Because it's fast and "light," upgrading your existing antivirus protection to ESET NOD32 Antivirus can literally be like buying a new computer. And the new automatic energy-sipping battery mode lets you work or play longer.

Easy on You — ESET NOD32 Antivirus is easier to use than ever before. From its compact and intuitive user interface to its minimal use of alerts, you'll be up and running in a snap.You will receive the best possible proactive detection against malware, without enduring excessive system slowdowns and alerts, reboots or annoying false alarms.

Vista Guardian Removal – Delete This Spyware Off Your Pc

Vista Guardian is part of the recent morphing spyware that has been infecting Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 computers. Depending on which Windows operating system is running on your PC, the spyware will change its name accordingly. As suggested, Vista Guardian infects Windows Vista computers. After it has infected your computer, it displays a message stating that it was installed by Windows Automatic Update. The purpose of this message is to trick you into believing the rogue program is safe and useful. It will also perform an automatic scan of your computer to make you believe it is a genuine antispyware program. However, the scan and the resulting infection report are completely fake.

After the fake scan and report, Vista Guardian will prompt you to purchase a full license in order to remove the “infections.” Do not fall for this scam. Paying for the license will not remove this rogue program; you will just lose your money. If you already paid for Vista Guardian, call your credit card company and dispute the charges.

Infection with Vista Guardian or its other variants (i.e. Win 7 Antispyware 2010, XP Internet Security 2010, Vista Antispyware 2010, etc…) are from Trojan viruses designed to bypass the majority of antivirus programs. Removing this rogue is not a simple process if you choose to do a manual removal. First, you need to stop the av.exe process. Then, you need to delete all the registry entries and files associated with Vista Guardian. The removal process is the same for all variants of this morphing spyware. A safer and quicker removal method is to download and install a spyware remover program. A spyware remover program will detect and remove the infected files and registry keys with minimal effort on your part. In addition, if you choose to use this automatic removal approach, your PC will be protected from future spyware infections since the remover program also functions as a spyware blocker.

Do not wait for your system to be further compromised, Remove Vista Guardian Now! Once your computer is infected with this spyware it is crucial to remove it as soon as possible

Monday, June 21, 2010

Software For PC speediness - discover the most excellent Way to boost laptop speediness

Are you searching a software for PC speediness maximization when you have noticed a significant decrease in PC speediness? It is quite familiar that overtime the laptops and computers start to run slower even if there is no virus otherwise spyware existing in the laptop. However, running a check for these infections is constantly useful to get of malicious programs.

What exactly might be behind the slow running PCs? Is it something a problem associated to hardware or a particular software? What laptop experts have found after years of experience is that our lack of carefulness about our systems becomes the cause of slow PCs.

Here are many things which we lose every time we perform the laptop maintenance activities. For example, while we conduct scans through laptop security softwares we do not make use of an efficient PC optimizer and registry cleaner software.

A software for PC speediness is an entirely distinct program from the rest of protection software running in your laptop. It performs the following series of activities to boost your PC speediness:

- The PC optimizer and registry cleaner software cleans laptop trash.

- It cleans Windows registry, which is a database of programs records acting as the central nervous system of PC. The registry is accessed every period any program is being run on our PCs. What happens is that there accumulates massive registry keys which are either degraded or not needed. It is very significant to repair and clean those registry entries in order to speed up your PC.

In addition you ought to avoid introduction too much programs on your desktop and allowing too many programs to start with the Windows start up. Furthermore clearing recycle bin and Internet cache and history records frees up the hard disk space.

The straightforward things detailed above, if used along with a software for PC speed, can remarkable step up the speed of your slow running PC.

You can find a good PC optimizer and Reg Cleaner software from the Intel Software Partner program here and you can also get more tips on how to speed up your laptop Click Here!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Viruses and Spyware Removal

Spyware comes in many forms. Typically, spyware gets installed on your computer without you realizing it. It may be part of a program that you installed or it may install itself as you access various web sites. You can set detect and remove unwanted spyware. However, in some cases, the program that installed the spyware may not work without the spyware installed. You should test your programs before deleting spyware permanently.

Spyware/Adware/Malware infects 9 out of 10 Internet connected PCs and has eclipsed viruses as the #1 threat to online privacy. The consequences of unidentified Spyware/Adware/Malware can include identity theft, computer corruption and bombardment from pop-up ads.

Spyware/Adware/Malware can easily bypass anti-virus protection by piggybacking on legitimate downloads to stealthily install on your system without your knowledge.

Spyware/Adware/Malware programs are deeply rooted applications that intertwine with core system functions to make manual removal without system disruption nearly impossible for most PC users.

"Parasite" is a shorthand term for unsolicited commercial software - that is, a program that gets installed on your computer which you never asked for, and which does something you probably do not want it to, for someone else`s profit.

The parasite problem has grown enormously recently, and many millions of computers are affected. Unsolicited commercial software can typically:

* Plague you with unwanted advertising adware
* Watch everything you do on-line and send information back to marketing companies spyware
* Add advertising links to web pages, for which the author does not get paid, and redirect the payments from affiliate-fee schemes to the makers of the software (such software is sometimes called "scumware")
* Set browser home page and search settings to point to the makers` sites (generally loaded with advertising), and prevent you changing it back (homepage hijackers) or (browser hijacking)
* Make your modem (analogue or ISDN) call premium-rate phone numbers ("dialers")
* Leave security holes allowing the makers of the software (or, in particularly bad cases, anyone at all) to download and run software on your machine;
Degrade system performance and cause errors thanks to being badly-written
* Provide no uninstall feature, and put its code in unexpected and hidden places to make it difficult to remove and in some cases impossible to remove.

How to View Private Myspace Profiles

We all notice that if you are a MySpace user, you've come across some profiles that you're dying taboo to view but only to catch out that they're set to private. You realize that the simply way to view their profile is to add them as a friend and hope they accept. Unfortunately, nearly of the time they don't know you and they wont accept your friend request. However, I can show you how to view private profiles on MySpace.

I know personally, I've stumbled upon a profile of someone I thought I recognized. All I need to do is look into some more pictures on their profile to be sure. But when I try to view their MySpace profile, I find it's set to private. Now I see the only way I can view their pictures is to send a friend request to them. But we all know that this can be tiresome and most of the time not work at all. If their profile is set to private, they'll most potentially not add you as a friend.

Private profiles is a great feature on MySpace, however they can be a real annoying when it comes to finding friends that you haven't seen in a long time, or becoming friends with someone that you think look cool.

Fortunately, I came across a site recently in some dark corner of the internet. On this site, you can enter the MySpace user ID and it will return with every picture that user uploaded on their profile, without having to send a friend request or gain access to their private MySpace profile. This is the greatest tool i've found in a long time. Now for all of that have wondered, here is a new way to view Private MySpace profiles. There, you'll find how to view private MySpace profiles.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Maximize the Battery Life of Your MacBook Pro

Nothing is more frustrating than using your MacBook Pro outside the home or the office only to find out that your battery is fast draining because you have actually overused or misused it. What if you have a presentation
to do or an emergency email you have to send out and the battery of your MacBook Pro just died down? What are you going to do? Remember, not always will there be an Apple store around the corner where you can get a replacement battery.

Learn how to maximize the battery life of you MacBook Pro so that you won’t have to worry about it again, especially when you are somewhere without an electric socket! Below are some tips you should keep in mind when working with your MacBook Pro to prolong its battery life.

1. Every time you turn on your MacBook Pro, make sure that its battery is fully charged.

2. During Software Updates
installation, keep them running as these updates sometimes improve the life of your MacBook Pro’s battery.

3. Once in a while, discharge the battery of your MacBook Pro – about once a month should be enough. Run it until it shuts down or outs itself to sleep. Then when the battery is already drained, plug the MacBook Pro to recharge.

4. Make sure that you use and store your MacBook Pro under recommended room temperature which is between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Anywhere higher or lower than these temperatures might damage not only the battery, but your MacBook Pro, as well.

5. To minimize battery usage, keep the brightness level of your MacBook Pro to a minimum. The brighter the screen is, the more power the battery consumes. Also, turn off the backlight on your keyboard by using the F5 key to minimize power consumption.

6. Turn off the Bluetooth function on your MacBook Pro when you are not using it as it uses a lot of power. To turn off Bluetooth, Open System Preferences, click on Bluetooth, and mark as uncheck the box next to “ON”.

7. Turn off or disable AirPort (Wi-Fi function) when you are not using it. To turn it off, Open System Preferences, click on Network, and click on the Turn AirPort Off button.

8. If you will keep your MacBook Pro plugged in or stored for a long period of time, it is best to remove the battery. In storing the battery, keep it under room temperature and away from heat to prolong its life.

While you can always have a replacement for your damaged or dead MacBook Pro battery from Apple stores, it is still best to preserve and prolong its life to avoid any more hassles. By keeping in mind these simple but important safety tips, you can be sure that the battery of your MacBook Pro will last long.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Reverse Phone Detective Can Lookup Any Cell Phone Number - Instantly

Reverse Phone Detective is a web service that offers you the opportunity to do a reverse search of any phone number to identify its owner. While the free service provides you with the location of the customer, a complete profile from Reverse Phone Detective provides you with information like the owner's name and address, carrier, household members, address history, and line type (mobile or land line).

The service contains a database that is being constantly updated so that the users get maximum benefit when they use this system. Their system has become an integral part of our daily lives and has been very successful in making our lives much safe and secure than before. This system has proved itself in proving a good customer base and its reputation is increasing day by day.

To start using it one needs to get the registration done. After the registration part is complete one can enter the number that he/she needs to search for including the area code and the 7 digit number. After entering the number one needs to click the search button and within seconds information regarding a particular number will be generated. A survey was done and it was found that this site is becoming popular day by day. It is getting more than 20,000 visitors each day.

This site has literally millions of phone numbers that come from more than one source which makes this system a better one when compared with other such systems. This site is also being updated by investigating thousands who are responsible in this check up so that we get a reliable and secure system. The unlisted numbers are housed in their database so if you do want to look-up unlisted phone numbers, you may want to avail of this service.

This site offers two levels of service. One level of service will report a particular number if one is looking after a specific number only. But if one is interested in getting information on more than one number, it is advisable to go for their unlimited service.

Finding cell phone or land-line numbers is safe, legal and very easy. The information can be obtained in just a few minutes if you know how to do so. You may want to know the person holding a particular number but you may not want to bother yourself so much as to hire a personal detective for such a small task.

There are also free reverse phone look up service providers but the difference between this service and the free ones; is not only in the degree of correctness of information, but Reverse Phone Detective ensures that all your search parameters are kept confidential.Hopefully this article has been informative and helpful to you. If you need to conduct a reverse phone search, I recommend visiting Reverse Phone Detective to begin your search.
Hopefully this article has been informative and helpful to you. If you need to conduct a reverse phone search, I recommend visiting
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Monday, March 1, 2010

Download Free Spyware Removal or Else...

If you just love saving your downloads into your computer, there is a high probability that you also have downloaded spyware. Since you do not have any idea on the sources that these sites have, you are making your computer vulnerable to the hazards of spyware infestation.

Not to worry though. There is a way to stop an impending computer disaster. Over the Internet, you will an abundance of spyware removal programs and softwares. The good news is that you can download them for free just like your music or videos.

You are given the opportunity to try any one of the spyware removal that a lot of websites are offering now. Getting them for free will give you an idea about what their capabilities are. A lot of users have come to value these free downloads since it aids them in their decision making process.

Imagine not having a basic idea about what spyware removal to use. Upon going online, you saw one and decided to avail of some of the free download. When you have tested them on your computer, you notice that one works better than the rest. By that time, your decision will be made for you. You would certainly want to have that product present in your computer.

Below are some other tips that will guide you in your free spyware remover shopping.

1. Quick to download and install.

There are programs that are too complicated to download, not to mention, install. Not many people have the patience to figure out how to do it properly and easily. If you are one of these types of person, then you should opt for known for quick downloading and installation.

You will see this initially when you start downloading the program. If it lets you wait for some time that is other than normal, then you better not go through with it. Most free download of spyware removal are easily downloaded. It should take a minute or more of your time.

2. Easy operation.

Opt for one that you can operate easily. There are those that come with a tutorial on basic program operations. Make the most of this offer so you will not be left in the dark about what you should do.

You can also choose one that comes with automated settings. This way, it will not be necessary for you to check on and update them once in awhile. If you are the busy type, then you will not have that extra time needed in updating your program.

3. Availability of updates.

When you have already consumed the free download of spyware removal, it is time for you to upgrade to one that you can install in your computer. Look out for one that gives automatic and regular updates.

Updates are important since these will tell you about new information and features in the spyware business. Being aware of them will give you an idea about what to do next. It will keep you in touch with what is new and what is outdated already.

Take advantage of free download of spyware removal and see the benefits. Downloading one will not take as much as the time needed in downloading other types of files.

Free Removal of Spyware: The Only Defense Left

Free removal of spyware is the only defense you can ever have against those who want to take advantage of information you are carefully hiding away.

You probably would not want to have someone trace where you have been browsing to. And you certainly do not want anyone intruding in your online credit and using them at their expense. Spyware is capable of doing all these things.

Spyware was not really invented for malicious purposes. In the past, spyware was used to trace online history to be used as a source of advertising and sales. But then, people realized the full capacity that spyware can do. Coupled with ingenuity, there is no limit to what a person can do with spyware.

Not to be outdone by the brilliant minds behind the schemes, free removal of spyware were introduced. This is the answer to the need to keep private information private. And to stop any future advantages that can leave one vulnerable.

How do computers get spyware?

1. File-download from the Internet.

If you are used to downloading files, music or other things from the Internet, you are very much at risk of getting spyware in your computer. Spyware cannot be detected early on. Oftentimes, they are already inside the files that you have downloaded. There is no telling how big or small a spyware is just by looking at the file.

This is why there computer users are always reminded of checking out if the site is reliable or not. Most of the browsers nowadays present automated messages warning them of their sources before continuing with their download.

Do not ignore these warnings as unimportant. They are meant to save you from headaches that spyware can cause.

2. Unreliable websites.

When browsing through websites, you will notice that there are insistent pop ups that show when you click on a certain link. There are users who become instantly curious about these things that they tend to "investigate".

What they do not know is that these are spyware. Once they gain access into your computer, expect them to wreck havoc into your computer and files. The sad thing about it is that you are not even aware that this is happening.

But if you are the cautious type, you will probably notice some small changes in your browser or in the way your computer is behaving. At these early signs, it is best to get yourself acquainted with spyware removal so that the problem will not bring further harm.

3. Closing pop up windows.

Just because you have clicked on the close button does not mean that you are safe from spyware. This is the strategy being used today to make people click on the spyware buttons. One click is all it takes to gain access to your computer.

What can you do?

Free removal of spyware is the only option left. If you cannot refrain spyware from attacking your computer, the only thing you can do is remove them fast.

Free spyware removal is available online. Just check out some reliable sites and you will be able to download the program from there.

If you want to be absolutely sure that there will be no more spyware to worry about, then you can get your very own spyware removal software and have it installed in your computer. This is because these days, you can never be too careful

Cooling Your Hard Drive

For several different reasons, storage is a very important part of a computer. These days, computers do far more than they ever have in the past. From businesses to family photo?s, storage is the ideal way to keep documents on your computer. The most popular method of storage is the hard disk drive, which we all count on for keeping our data safe.

Even though the hard drive stores data, it isn?t perfect by any means. Hard drive failure is very common with all computers, with no real way to prevent it. Although there are several different reasons why a hard drive can fail, the most common is overheating. Viruses and crashes are common as well, along with theft and accidental deletion.

With the older style and mechanics of hard drives, the RPM speed was low, meaning that the drives wouldn?t overheat. The hard drives we use now days, have speeds between 7,200 and 10,000 RPM, meaning that they can get quite hot when they start working. Computers of this day and age come with fans to cool everything down, with most hard drives including temperature sensors as well, so you can keep track of just how hot your hard drive becomes.

With hard drives today, overheating is a very common problem. The faster hard drives come with speeds of 10,000 RPM, which can make the temperature soar above 70 degrees F, really heating things up inside the drive. The mechanics on the inside are built to withstand the heat, although if things become too hot, you?ll encounter problems. If a drive becomes too hot and ends up losing the data, it may be next to impossible to retrieve the information - no matter how good your data recovery specialists may be.

One area that suffers from the drive overheating is the platters, which are magnetic media. Platters are what carry the data throughout the hard drive. Platters are constructed from optical glass, aluminum, or ceramic and normally coated with a layer of magnetic material. Once the hard drive begins to heat up, the platters will start to expand, which changes their size. When this happens, the magnetic surface on the platters will get destroyed, which results in a loss of data. If the physical area of the platters are damaged, it will result in unreadable sectors.

Other areas of the hard drive that can be damaged due to overheating are the read and write heads, head actuator, and the controller chip. Hard drives are very sophisticated pieces of hardware, and can?t handle overheating. The read and write heads are a common example, as they can easily render the drive useless if they become damaged. If they get too hot, they don?t make any contact with media, which pretty much stops the flow of transfer from information to the computer.

To prevent your hard drive from overheating, you should always make sure that it is cooled properly and well ventilated. You can always get additional fans and coolers, which will improve both ventilation and the flow of air in your computer. You can buy fans and coolers at very affordable prices, which makes them an ideal investment for keeping your hard drive or hard drives cool.

You can also get software that monitors the temperature of your hard drive as well. Whether it?s software, or additional fans, you should always ensure that your hard drives are kept cool. By keeping them cool, you?ll greatly reduce the amount of crashes. You?ll also increase the stability of your hard drive as well, which will make your entire computer perform much better